Routemex adds ‘O’ gauge colour light shunting signals

Routemex adds ‘O’ gauge colour light shunting signals

Routemex has added a selection of ground position colour light shunting signal kits to complement its range of ‘O’ gauge signals.


Ground position lights control shunting moves in yards and sidings and typically displayed one white and one red horizontal light when in the ‘on’ position (modern LED versions now display two red horizontal lights), and two diagonal white lights in the ‘off’ position. Limit of shunt signals appear similar but display two permanently lit horizontal red lights. Associated position lights are mounted on main aspect signal posts and control shunting movements from the main line, such as empty stock at stations, freight, light engines and the like - two diagonal 'calling-on' lights illuminate beneath the main red aspect when the driver is given permission to proceed with caution. 

Routemex is offering each of the three variants and the ground signal and limit of shunt lights can either be plinth or post-mounted, while the associated position light comes with a bracket for mounting on a standard main signal post.

Each kit is supplied with all component parts (including resistors) to build one signal and also includes full instructions.

Prices are set at £23 for the ground signal position light, £20 for the limit of shunt variant and £20 for the associated position light and are available now.

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