Great Electric Train Show layouts 2022

October 8/9 2022

Marshall Arena, Milton Keynes



Great Electric Train Show layouts 2022

Fairlie Syniad Da – the Ffestiniog in ‘OO9’


Hornby Magazine’s recently completed ‘OO9’ narrow gauge layout is making its second public appearance at the 2022 Great Electric Train Show. Find it on the magazine stand!


Bottom Works Sidings - Woodhead in the 1970s

Bottom Works Sidings is set in the heart of the South Yorkshire coalfield, just south of Barnsley, on a cold January morning in 1973, and recreates a small set of exchange sidings that function as a secondary entrance into a steelworks. See it at the 2022 Great Electric Train Show.

Ambleton Vale - an 'N' gauge country terminus

Ambleton Vale is an 'N' gauge model railway set in the rolling countryside somewhere in central England around 1965.

Sydney Gardens - Bath's famous railway in 'OO'

Sydney Gardens is a faithful representation of the stretch of the Great Western Railway main line on the approaches to Bath, built by a group of like-minded modeller’s who live locally to the area. See it at the 2022 Great Electric Train Show.

Dawlish Warren - Devon in 'N' gauge

This layout is Chris Morris' model of Dawlish Warren station as it was during the 1960s together with a short section of sea wall. Built in 'N' gauge you can see it at the 2022 Great Electric Train Show on October 8/9 in Milton Keynes.

Farbine Road - the West Midlands in 'OO' gauge

Farbine Road Wagon Repair Depot is a fictional depot loosely set in the West Midlands area. It is a compact layout which models the 1970s and 1980s BR blue period built by Neil Woodbine and Sue Farmer.

Beckwick - a Southern electric terminus in 'OO'

Beckwick Town is a fictitious location situated in Southern England, some forty miles from London. It is modelled in 'OO' gauge by the Beckenham and West Wickham Model Railway Club.

Holly Bank Grove MPD - 'OO' steam in the North East

Holly Bank Grove is a busy running shed on the ECML ( East Coast Main Line) just south of York station.  It is modelled in 'OO' gauge by Ian Forsyth.

Bradford-on-Tone - 'OO' gauge Western Region

Bradford-on-Tone portrays a fictitious through station in the West Country during the final years of the diesel hydraulics. It is presented by the Somerset Railway Modellers Club and built to 'OO' gauge.

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