Dapol reveals decorated JHAs

Dapol has unveiled samples of its forthcoming Powell Duffryn Standard (PDS) JHA bogie hopper wagons in ‘OO’ gauge.


Dapol’s all-new ‘OO’ gauge models will feature an extensive tooling suite allowing for prototypical ARC and Hanson Aggregates train formations to be assembled.


Two wagon variants are set to appear enabling inner and outer wagons to be represented with inner examples featuring buckeye couplings at both ends, but without buffers, while outer wagons will have a working tail lamp at one end, NEM pockets, sprung buffers at one end and a buckeye coupling and no buffers at the ‘inner’ end. Other features such as a die-cast chassis, close coupling mechanism, profiled wheels and more will also be included.


The working taillight will have directional functionality on DC and will be able to flash when used on Digital Command Control (DCC) with a six-pin decoder.


The wagons will be available in two liveries covering ARC olive and grey and Hanson blue and silver grey.


Full production of these wagons will commence shortly, with Dapol anticipating delivery during the second half of 2024. End hoppers are  priced at £60 each, while inner hoppers are priced at £55 each.

◘ Visit www.dapol.co.uk for more information.