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ZIMO sound chip updates Feature Premium


Technology is always on the move and specialist model railway decoder manufacturer ZIMO is no exception. MIKE WILD discovers what this Austrian brand’s latest MS series sound decoders have to offer.

Feature Premium

iTRAIN software for model railways


Digital Command Control systems are available in many forms, including the ability for full automation of a layout. One such system is iTrain Layout Control, as MARK CHIVERS explains.

DCC Concepts Zen decoder family Feature Premium

DCC Concepts Zen Decoder family

DCC Concepts’ Zen decoder collection offers a comprehensive and flexible system with the option to add plug-and-play stay alives. MIKE WILD reviews the range.

Yamorc DCC accessory decoders Feature Premium


A new name to the Digital Command Control market is YaMoRC. MARK CHIVERS looks at this fledgling brand’s newly-released accessory decoders.

Feature Premium

Horsley - a Southern Railway branch line in OO gauge


Sometimes a new model can prompt a new wave of interest, and for COLIN CHISEM, Bachmann’s ‘N’ 2-6-0 saw him switch to the Southern Railway from his lifelong passion for all things Great Western.

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In the second part of our series on construction of Natford TMD, MIKE WILD explains how Key Publishing’s exclusive laser-cut four-road sheds were built and painted to create a centrepiece for the scene.

Kernow Model Rail Centre LSWR box van. Review Premium

Kernow delivers ‘O’ gauge LSWR van


We inspect Kernow Model Rail Centre's 'O' gauge ready-to-run model of the LSWR Diagram 1410 box van. Read the full review here.

Dapol anchor mounted tanker for O gauge. Review Premium

Dapol’s anchor-mounted tanker arrives for ‘O’ gauge

First announced in November 2020, Dapol’s all-new ‘O’ gauge 14ton anchor-mounted tank wagon is now available. We check out this addition to the manufacturers growing collection of steam era goods wagons.

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Review Premium

Graham Farish MK 2Fs

BACHMANN’S enticing new ‘N’ gauge BR Mk 2f carriages touched down in the Hornby Magazine office during September.

Review Premium

Irish Keg L iners, Spoil Carriers and Weedkillers

NEW from Irish Railway Models (IRM) are these standard 42ft bogie flat wagons in Guinness Keg Liner, Spoil Carrier and Weedspray train guises for ‘OO’.

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Prototype HST arrives for ‘N’

In 1972 the prototype High Speed Train (HST) arrived following construction at Crewe and Derby works. Now Dapol has released its sought-after all-new ‘N’ gauge model of this historic doyen of high speed rail travel in the UK.

EFE Rail Class 17 Review Premium

’N’ gauge CLASS 17 breaks cover!

The chance of an ‘N’ gauge Class 17 seemed to have passed, but through Bachmann’s new brand EFE Rail and Kernow Model Rail Centre, this once ill-fated model has been revived and brought to completion. MIKE WILD takes a closer look.

EFE Rail 'J94' Review Premium

‘J94’ from EFE Rail

EFE Rail is off to a flying start with new ‘OO’ and ‘N’ gauge products arriving in the same month as their announcement. A highlight for ‘OO’ is the revival of the ‘J94’ 0-6-0ST with an upgraded motor and DCC interface. MIKE WILD investigates.

Hornby Dublo Duchess Review Premium

Hornby’s die-cast ‘Duchess’

Hornby has revisited one of its most soughtafter Hornby Dublo locomotives with a modern twist to create a new version of the Stanier ‘Duchess’ 4-6-2 with a diecast body. MIKE WILD takes a closer look at this enticing limited edition.

Terrier Express Review Premium

Isle of Wight ‘Terrier’

Hornby's popular 2019 model of the Stroudley ‘Terrier’ 0-6-0Ts is back for a new outing and this second batch features a trio of Isle of Wight locomotives with extended bunkers.

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Midland Railway fencing

New to the Scale Model Scenery range of 4mm scale model railway accessories are these packs of Midland Railway fencing.

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