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Hornby Magazine Calendar 2023

Hornby Magazine Calendar 2023

Dapol parts for Peter's Spares

Peter’s Spares Model Railways has recently purchased a large quantity of Dapol ‘OO’, ’O’ and ‘N’ spares from DCC Supplies.

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Advancement of Digital Command Control technology has led to a great deal of innovation in the hobby. MARK CHIVERS looks at one such model that embraces this ethos and showcases just what is possible – a fully working ‘HO’ scale rail mounted crane.

More KR Consett hoppers

KR Models has confirmed a second run of its recent ‘OO’ gauge Consett Iron Ore hoppers (HM180) with new running numbers.

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Choosing Speakers for your Sound Decoder

Understanding two values will ensure you always pick the right speaker set up for your sound decoder. MIKE WILD covers the basics in this beginner’s guide.

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Loughborough Midland in 'OO'

Originally started by the late Dave Tooley as a diorama, this impressive ‘OO’ gauge layout has recently been refurbished and is now back on the circuit, as ADRIAN LAMBOURNE of the Ivanhoe Model Railway Society explains.

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SPROG DCC Decoder Programmer

Mark Chivers.

Configuring digital decoders for optimum performance can prove challenging, especially for beginners. MARK CHIVERS considers one such solution in the intriguingly named SPROG DCC decoder programmer.

Mark Chivers.
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Accurascale introduces new PFA nuclear fleet

Mike Wild.

The 1986 introduced PFA four-wheel container flats took on a new lease of life of nuclear waste traffic in the 2000s. MIKE WILD gets to grips with the latest container options for these superbly detailed flats.

Mike Wild.

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Latest model railway reviews

Heljan O gauge Class 25 Review Premium

Heljan Class 25/3 for 'O' gauge

For the second month running Heljan has delivered a brand new ready-to-run locomotive for ‘O’ gauge. MIKE WILD gets to grips with its latest release – the BR Sulzer Class 25/3.

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Darstaed delivers 7mm scale Mk 1s

Ellis Clark Trains teamed up with Darstead – a renowned name in ‘O’ gauge tinplate locomotives and rolling stock – to produce a new range of BR Mk 1 63ft 6in corridor carriages for 7mm scale which were first released in 2018.

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Kernow’s 4-TC debuts

Southern Region multiple units have gained much popularity since introduction of the Bachmann 4-CEP in 2009, but now we have a go anywhere unpowered 4-TC unit available too. MIKE WILD takes a closer look at this surprisingly enticing and versatile offering.

HM169 Bulleid week Review Premium

The ‘Merchants’ are coming!

The original air-smoothed Bulleid ‘Merchant Navy’ class ‘Pacific’ has long been sought after as a ready-to-run model and now the wait is over. MIKE WILD takes a detailed look at this exciting new release.

APT-E for 'OO' gauge Review Premium

The Advanced Passenger Train Experimental

Locomotion Model’s latest commission has arrived in the shape of an unusual prototype – the APT-E. Mark Chivers asks whether a ‘full tilt’ approach has paid off.

HM96 Graham Farish MN Review Premium

‘Merchant’ debut for ‘N’

The ‘Merchant Navy’ 4-6-2s were a symbol of Bulleid’s radical design ethos and now a new model of the air-smoothed locomotives has arrived for ‘N’ gauge. MIKE WILD takes a closer look at Bachmann’s 2015 released Southern ‘Pacific’.

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Heljan’s 'O' gauge ‘Western’

2013 will go down as the year of the ‘Western’ with new offerings in ‘N’, ‘OO’ and ‘O’ gauge. Mike Wild reveals the latest version of these highly popular diesel-hydraulics from Heljan in ‘O’ gauge.

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Dapol's ‘N’ gauge ‘Western’

Not that long ago British ‘N’ gauge was on its knees. At best we got crude detail and at worst we had crude detail and poor performance. All of that is now history and the standard of detail, finess and performance in today’s British ‘N’ gauge models are rivaling that of their larger ‘OO’ cousins.

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