Dapol ‘O’ gauge TTAs due soon

Production of Dapol’s all-new ‘O’ gauge TTA tank wagons is complete and the finished models are on their way.


The first batch of Dapol releases comprises 11 different models, finished as BPO 37267 in BP (unbranded) green (Cat No. 7F-064-001), BPO 67695 in BP grey (7F-064-002), 512 in Regent grey (7F-064-003), 507 in Shell/BP grey (7F-064-004), 65908 in Shell Oils dark with stripes (7F-064-005), 510 in Texaco grey (7F-064-006), BPO 67090 in BP green (7F-064-007), 65744 in Lubricants Processors Limited maroon (7F-064-008), 6045 in Esso grey (7F-064-009), 56235 in Esso (unbranded) grey (7F-064-010) and 54235 in Gulf grey (7F-064-011).


The 'O' gauge models feature a compensated chassis, weighted tank barrel, separately fitted etched hand rails, ladders and walkways, metal Instanter coupling chain and sprung hook and sprung metal buffers.

Dapol’s tooling suite enables  Type A and Type B wagons to be modelled, with variations and modifications represented as appropriate.


Priced at £91.80 each, release is expected in late October.

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