Hornby Magazine Videos

Hornby Magazine Videos

VIDEO: Heljan Class 07 with sound

In the latest issue of Hornby Magazine Paul Chetter shows how to install digital sound in Heljan's compact 'OO' gauge model of the Class 07. In this video we showcase the finished model running on Topley Dale. See HM155 or sign up to KeyModelWorld to read the full sound installation guide.

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VIDEO: Static grass for beginners

Static grass can enhance the scenery on any model railway. In this exclusive online video we showcase the methods used by the Hornby Magazine team to create its exhibition layouts.

Miniature garden construction

In the latest issue of Hornby Magazine, HM155 - May 2020, we illustrate how you can build a garden scene in 'OO' scale using readily available products. Here we present a full step by step guide together with a timelapse video of the diorama's construction.

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VIDEO: Airbrushing for beginners

An airbrush is a brilliant tool for painting and weathering. In this video we explain the basics to get you started.

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VIDEO: Ballasting for Beginners

In this exclusive online video feature we show you how to ballast your model railway for realism and detail using Woodland Scenics ballasts and simple techniques.

VIDEO: 'OO' gauge running session | Scottish Traction

Join us for a quiet morning running session at Topley Dale station as we change from the usual Midland Region steam traction to 1980s Scottish diesels on a mixture of passenger and freight workings.

VIDEO: Evening Star with ZIMO digital sound in ‘OO’

In the latest edition of Hornby Magazine HM154, Mike Wild looks at the Bachmann BR '9F' 2-10-0 and shows us how a twin speaker setup can be added together with stay alive and firebox flicker. Watch our video of the finished model here.

VIDEO: Hornby Port of London Peckett ‘W4’ for ‘OO’ gauge

Hornby have released another charming addition to the ever growing Peckett range with this Port of London Authority Peckett.

VIDEO: Dapol GWR parcels railcar for ‘OO’

We put the latest release from Dapol, a GWR parcels railcar through its paces on the Hornby Magazine test layout Topley Dale in this video.

VIDEO: Dapol Class 29 Bo-Bo diesel for ‘OO’

We put the latest release from Dapol, a Class 29 Bo-Bo diesel through its paces on the Hornby Magazine test layout Topley Dale.

VIDEO: Hornby LMS ‘Princess Royal’ 4-6-2 for ‘OO’ gauge

Join editor Mike Wild in the Hornby Magazine workshop as he puts the impressive LMS 'Princess Royal' 4-6-2 from Hornby through its paces in this video.

VIDEO: Hornby’s centenary edition Rocket for ‘OO’ gauge

Hornby's brand-new model of Stephenson's Rocket touched down in the Hornby Magazine office at the end of February. Watch our video of this outstanding new addition to the Hornby portfolio here.

VIDEO: Dapol Sentinel for 'O' gauge

Dapol's new Sentinel four-wheel vertical boiler tank engine (4wVBT) touched down at the end of 2019 offering a new choice of shunting locomotive for 'O' gauge.

VIDEO: Cheadle Ridge Lane TMD | 'OO' gauge

Richard from Hornby Magazine attended the Manchester Model Railway exhibition 2019, one of the layouts that stood out was Cheadle Ridge Lane TMD, a modern image DRS depot.

VIDEO: An interview with Simon Kohler

To mark Hornby's 100th anniversary we interview Simon Kohler to get his take on the 2020 range including the inspiration behind this year's models, his favourite items and more.

VIDEO: Hatton's Class 66 for 'OO' gauge

Hatton's all-new 'OO' gauge Class 66 touched down in the Hornby Magazine office in late December 2019 - just in time to feature in our February 2020 issue

VIDEO: Seven Mill Depot in ‘O’ gauge

Join Richard as he takes a tour of Seven Mill Depot and shows some of its features in operation.

VIDEO: Locoman Sounds D&H ‘Black Five’ sound decoder

Locoman Sounds has produced a brand-new sound file for the Stanier 'Black Five' 4-6-0 for Doehler & Haass chips.

VIDEO: Heljan Class 50 for 'O' gauge

The Heljan Class 50 arrived at the end of December 2019. Watch it in action on our 'O' gauge test track here fresh from the box.

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VIDEO: Yorkshire Dales Model Railway

We visit Lewis Bucknell of the YouTube channel MouldyRaspberry to discover the full story behind his brilliant 'OO' gauge loft layout.

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Yorkshire Dales Model Railway

The Keighley and Worth Valley and North Yorkshire Moors railways were part of the inspiration for LEWIS BUCKNELL’S superb ‘OO’ gauge loft layout. We visited this brilliant 32ft long model to discover how it all goes together to create an 80ft running line. Photography, Mike Wild.

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Seven Mill Depot

With just three weeks available the Hornby Magazine team set out to build its first ‘O’ gauge exhibition layout to form part of a multi-scale display at the Warley National Model Railway Exhibition in November 2019. MIKE WILD reveals how it was done and explains the story of this compact depot layout.

VIDEO: The Hornby 2020 Range | Full review

Hornby celebrates its 100th anniversary this year. Join Hornby Magazine's Mike Wild and Richard Watson as they take a detailed look at what the manufacturer as to offer in its 2020 catalogue in this full video preview.

VIDEO: Hornby Magazine Show | January 2020

Join Richard and Mike for the first of the new Hornby Magazine Layout Update video series with a tour of the workshop and a round up of the latest arrivals.

VIDEO: Dapol semaphore signals

In this brief video we highlight the operation of Dapol's new GWR lower quadrant signals for 'O' gauge - the same mechanism is used in its new design of GWR bracket signals for 'OO' gauge.

VIDEO: Oxford Rail 'N7' 0-6-2T with Zimo sound

In the HM151 we showed how to install digital sound in Oxford Rail's 'OO' gauge 'N7' 0-6-2T using a Zimo MX648R decoder and a sugar cube speaker. Watch the finished model in action here.

VIDEO: KR Models GT3 first sample

KR Models has received the first engineering sample of its 'OO' gauge model of unique English Electric gas turbine prototype GT3. Watch it on our test track here.

VIDEO: Bachmann 45ton steam crane for 'OO' gauge

Bachmann's all-new 'OO' gauge Ransome & Rapier 45ton steam crane is reviewed in full in the January 2020 issue of Hornby Magazine. Watch our video with Editor Mike Wild here.

VIDEO: Hatton's Gresley 'A3' 4-6-2 for 'O' gauge

Hatton's new 'O' gauge model of the Gresley 'A3' 4-6-2 headlined the review section in Hornby Magazine's January 2020 issue.

VIDEO: Cavalex Models PGA wagons on Topley Dale

Cavalex Models loaned Hornby Magazine a rake of its latest batch of 'OO' gauge PGA stone hoppers to run on Topley Dale. We put them behind Hornby Class 60 60062 for a running session.